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How We Can Help You

We help self storage facilities that are frustrated with their current auction processes by bringing in more revenue with less hassles.

Before the Auction / Lock Cuts We Will:

  • Work closely with the manager to decide which tenants will be cut and scheduled for auction.
  • Create a private, password protected You Tube Channel, just for your facility, which video footage of the lock cuts will be uploaded to for your security. These videos are private and not for public viewing.
  • Seal each unit with seal tags, which we provide,to prevent tampering from the day of the lock cut to the day of the auction.
  • Provide a very detailed written inventory for extraordinary record keeping.
  • Confirm the Manager has sent the auction notification letters in a timely manner. 
  • Make sure the auction ads are placed.

Day of The Auction We Will:

  • Review the auction lien check list with our experience days before the delinquent units are sold.
  • Show up dressed professionally with our uniforms.
  • Hold drawings for all auction attendees to win prizes. This has proven to increase attendance and return buyers, which raises your revenue from auctions significantly.
  • Help your manager submit the “sold customers” to collections for any money still owed on the balance after the auction proceeds are collected.
  • Send thank you cards to those that won a storage unit to show how much we appreciate them attending your auctions.
  • Professionally manage the auction to keep order and professional is constant rather than chaos.

To Make the Overall Process Easier and More Profitable We Will:

  • Consult with your manager(s) to fine tune your collection process to help decrease the amount of units that are past due and go to auction.
  • Advertise your auction on our website to bring in more bidders.
  • Conduct every aspect before, during and after the auction in a professional,transparent manner to give you ultimate peace-of-mind.
  • Use proven auction optimization strategies to bring you the most money from units you are forced to  auction.
  • Help you avoid any liability by reviewing every process and requirement the state of Utah has in place. 
  • Because of the increased exposure from TV shows, this must be done with a fine tooth comb, on a regular basis and laws and enforcement practices change. We are and will maintain our expert status to avoid penalties.
  • Will stick to a consistent schedule to fit you and the public’s needs. 
  • Are priced so competitively, you’ll wonder how we stay in business!

What our customers are saying

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